Adixen Annecy ACP40 Test Run

Adixen Annecy ACP40

Test run adixen annecy acp40 Test run pfeiffer acp40 #standadd overhaul #major rebuilt


Busch ME 2048 BH Standard Overhaul

Busch ME 2048 BH After overhaul testing and pressure check Standard overhaul

Helium Leak Check

Helium leak check job on-site support. Perform onsite helium leak check on custom part. Suspected leak, able to detected by Helium leak on spot.

Asyst aligner

Testing Software developed and customize for individual parameters, can save, check and edit parameter accordingly. Can perform cycle test automatically.


KYKY RV-4 Oil Rotatry Pump
KYKY RV-4 pump abnormal sound
#standard overhaul
#major rebuilt
#motor repair
Busch ME 2048 BH Testing
Test run pressure on Busch ME 2048 BH after services

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